Welcome to Our Small Groups


Our small groups usually consist of 8 to 15 people meeting in someone’s home. Our groups all have different characters; some are more structured, others more creative. Common features include:


  • Bible Reading. Even though we aren’t theologians for the most part, as Christians we do have the Holy Spirit. And with everybody contributing their questions and doubts as well as their knowledge and insights, we can get to know God better through His Word.

  • Prayer – talking to God simply belongs to being part of His family. Meeting in a small group is a safe setting to confide in each other and pray for each other, sharing burdens, fears and joys. It’s a great opportunity to pray for each other, asking and thanking God.
  • Having a meal together – this is a great opportunity for socializing and recounting the events of the past week.
  • Singing – a special way of talking to God and it’s simply enjoyable, especially as you can request your favourite songs within a small group.


Our small groups take place on various days in Starnberg and the surrounding area. Feel free to directly contact the various group leaders.



  • FeG-Starnberg
  • Josef-Jägerhuber-Straße 7
  • 82319 Starnberg