Sunday School

During the Sunday service we have Sunday school for the kids (except for school holidays). We hold it to be a privilege to have the opportunity to learn about faith during childhood rather than waiting until we’re an adult. Our volunteers believe that it’s important to give the kids this opportunity in the hope that they can pass on to them their passion for Jesus so that they in turn can learn to love Him and live with Him day to day.

Kids and adults start the service together at 10 am with the kids leaving after about 15 to 20 minutes to go to Sunday school.

They start with a short time of kids’ worship, after which they are divided up into groups according to their age:

The Penguins



The penguins are our smallest ones from age 3 to 6. Our Sunday school teachers combine short stories from the Bible with creative elements: Elements of art and handicrafts as well as games and activities are matched to the story. The kids are never bored and sometimes they even wish that the pastor had spoken a bit longer!

The Smarties


The smarties are our primary school children (school years 1-4). Apart from biblical stories, there are also stories about believers who have served God, or topical teaching. Puppets, small plays or video clips are used to make the subject matter easily understood. Afterwards there will be the opportunity to do handicrafts and/or play. In addition, the Sunday school teachers teach bible verses to the children, so that they will have a treasure in their hearts for their day to day life.


Du bist in der 5. bis 7. Klasse? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Nach den gemeinsamen Liedern im Gottesdienst geht’s in unser eigenes Programm: Hier kannst du dich mit anderen ganz persönlich über Gott und die Welt austauschen. Wir überlegen gemeinsam, wie der Glaube in Schule und Alltag praktisch werden kann. Zwischendurch gibt es besondere Events, kreative Workshops und „Special Guests“.
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